Radio-Control Car Manual: The complete guide to buying, building and maintainingVintage Radio Controlled Cars Pioneer The RC Toy Business. For many years, hobbyist have enjoyed the thrill that comes with radio controlled car ownership.

Also known as RC Cars and Remote controlled Cars, the hobby dates back several decades to the 1960's when Italian manufacturer El-Gi. Elettronica Giocattoli produced a 1:12 scale model Ferrari.

Then in the mid-1970's, the British company, Mardave started producing their own gas-powered RC cars. Being the first British producer of RC Cars, Mardave actually was the winner of the initial UK RC Car Race held at Berk Hampstead in 1971.

Not to be outdone, American toy manufacturers like Associated Electrics and Dynamic joined the burgeoning  car market hoping to boost sluggish sales from a dying slot car industry.

Despite the inroads developed by their European and American counterparts, Japanese RC toy manufacturers like Tamiya and Kyosho staked their claim in the nitro powered racing RC car niche. These innovative speed demons made use of the Veco McCoy engine and were primarily responsible for the U.S. RC Racing Control clubs and competitions.

Today's Radio Controlled Cars On The Cutting Edge Of Technology

New Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 1/18 Scale (Orange)Remote controlled car fans indicate that their favourite aspect of their hobby is the realism that contemporary cars provide. Making the driving experience as true to life as possible has always been the mission of RC car designers. What's available today is truly remarkable.  Modern day RC car designs have incorporated many mind-blowing features that create a realistic experience for the operator.  Such innovations include:

  • Ultra realistic body design that rivals the real car in looks and styling.
  • Technologically advanced radio controls with pinpoint operating accuracy.
  • Working headlights and taillights that enhance the driving experience.
  • Incredible motor design that can exceed speeds of over 40 MPH.
  • Four Wheel Drive for the ultimate off-road experience.

The classifications for today's remote controlled car can actually include many subsets and niches. Essentially can be broken into a few popular categories:

Radio Controlled Street Rods And Classic Car Replicas

Maisto Mercedes-Benz SLS AMGThis genre of RC auto caters to the person who loves self control a scale model of classic muscle cars.  These are real-life reproductions of such classics as Ford Mustang, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Chevy Corvette and the like.  These RC hobbyists are fans of the classics, as well as modern-day favourites like the Honda, Toyota, Lexus and Audi to name a few.

One popular manufacturer of RC Street Rods is Maisto, a producer of not only street rods. Rock Crawlers, Off-Road Vehicles, Motorcycles and Die Cast as well. Maisto seems to have gotten in right in their street rod RC reproductions, as their cars seems so realistic it's scary.

Although realistic and sleek, RC street rods aren't necessarily the favourite amongst those who crave true radio controlled speed.  Speed and power are reserved for a separate group of RC car fanatic, the Off-Road models.

Off Road and All Terrain RC Car Racers

Traxxas RTR 1/10 Slash VXL 2WD 2.4GHZPerhaps one of the most emphatic groups of the remote  followers are the Dirt Track RC Car Racing crowd.  Their love affair with these 4X4, dirt ripping RC speed demons is easy to understand.  Blazing fast speeds in excess of 40 MPH, incredible durability and brash off road realism make them a joy to own and race.

One of the industry leaders in the off road RC car genre is The Traxxas Company of Plano, Texas.  This innovative RC developer burst onto the scene in 1986 with their RTR, (ready to run), fully assembled radio controlled vehicle.  At the time, this was a major innovation as traditional RC cars came unassembled, requiring the hobbyist to build the unit themselves.

In the following years, Traxxas introduced the Hawk and Radicator models, a pair of instant hits that produced numerous off road RC racing championships.  This badge of honour in RC Racing Community has solidified Traxxas as a leader in the business.

Not stopping with cars, Traxxas ventured into RC Boats, launching their nitro powered, water cooled Nitro Vee, a breakthrough in water sport RC technology.

Radio Controlled Stunt Cars and Trick Vehicles

Tonka Ricochet R/C Replay Blue &. GreenOne of the more entertaining genres of the Radio Controlled Car Hobby are the stunt car and trick vehicles. Many RC enthusiasts actually get into operating these fun and exciting toys as a complement to their existing racing endeavors.  The RC Stunt Cars provide hours of entertainment, hone their radio control skills and are a great way to get youngsters into the hobby.

Flips, spins and all terrain trickery are just a few of the thrilling stunts these RC vehicles are capable of.  Typically, they're designed with a broad, stabilizing wheel base and body frame that enable them to do things and go places a normal RC car can't.

A stalwart in the worldwide RC toy business, Tyco Incorporated has proven themselves to be a pioneer in the fun part of the radio controlled car niche.  Tyco's start in the business also has it's roots in the slot car arena, where they've been thrilling youngsters and adults alike for decades. Now a subsidiary of Mattel, a giant in the toy industry for decades, Tyco is a behemoth in the reasonably priced RC Car Industry.